The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Hello, hello, internet! It’s been awhile.

Sorry I disappeared. Student teaching has the tendency to eat your life. However, I’m all finished with that, and now I’m waiting.

“For what?” you might ask. 

For multiple things. First of all, I’m waiting for my graduation gift–my parents were awesome enough to buy my boyfriend a plane ticket here as my graduation present! Part of me wants to be upset because we’re not very well off and shouldn’t be putting anything else on credit cards, buuuut most of me is happy that I get to hold my honeybunch on December 26th. One more month, one more month, one more month…

Additionally, I’m waiting for a job. Yes, I’m already a wage slave. Yes, I know a job (probably) isn’t going to fall off a job tree and into my lap. However, it’s frustrating to keep shoveling out applications and resumes without any callbacks or email responses. Even though I’m not graduated yet, I would still like to hit the ground running–the grace period for student loans only lasts so long, so I’ve gotta start making those dolla dolla bills as soon as I can.

Finally, perhaps the most frustrating thing of all to wait for is the “right time” to arrive.  You know, the right time to end the whole “long distance” thing. Now that I’m just a couple weeks away from graduation, I feel like I’m free, like the world is my oyster, like I can go anywhere and do anything! Well, I can’t. I can do a lot of things, yes, but now is not the right time to run away to Stockholm and start a life together with my boyfriend. Sigh. Although I’m about to graduate, he’s still got quite a bit of school left. Plus, we’re both broke right now. I can’t find a single job I qualify for in his area. It would just be too stressful on the both of us to end the distance now. So, we wait. We know the right day will come eventually. Unfortunately, that day will not come tomorrow. Or next week. Probably not even next year. But it will come someday. So, until then, we wait.

It looks like I’m giving waiting a bad rap here. Yes, it’s a bit frustrating, but all this extra time can be beneficial. It’s good to be able to take a break from the hustle and bustle of this assignment and that goal and this need. If you’re in a situation where you’re twiddling your thumbs and waiting for good stuff to happen, stop it. Try making good things happen. Although you’re still waiting for your end date to come, you can still do lots of great stuff in the meantime. For me, while I wait to be able to fly away to Euro-fun-land for good, I’m working on finding a job here. I’m going to start writing more. I’m focusing on polishing up my own life before I ship it out to commingle with somebody else’s. I realize that what I want right now is not necessarily what I need, and I’m okay with that.

Everything will work out in the end, and until then, you can’t live your life specifically for your significant other. In terms of my relationship, we’re just taking it all one day at a time. We know that one day, there will be a time for our lives to connect permanently in the same place. We also know that time is not now. We know that we need to wait and develop our individual careers and educations, and, someday, when we see a good opening to combine our strengths, we will take it.

Here’s to someday.

Keep on waiting patiently,


Take it away, Tom: 


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