LDR Playlist–Holiday Style

I told you I’d be back today! You’re in for a treat.  This addition to my ongoing LDR playlist features fun holiday tunes.  All of the following holiday-themed songs were selected based off their ability to  give me warm fuzzies, make me wistful, and/or remind me of my boo.  Naturally, I am not naive enough to believe that any (or all) of these songs were written with long-distance relationships in mind, but since when has that stopped any of us from relating to things? With that, turn up your volume, and enjoy.

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Why So Serious? (A Break from Mushiness)

I noticed that most of my posts so far are mushy and full of feelings and all that good junk.  Which isn’t necessarily a problem, but it’s just so…serious. With that being said, here’s some lightheartedness for you:

I fart in front of my boyfriend.

Don’t cringe. You do it, too.

Have a nice day!