Why So Serious? (A Break from Mushiness)

I noticed that most of my posts so far are mushy and full of feelings and all that good junk.  Which isn’t necessarily a problem, but it’s just so…serious. With that being said, here’s some lightheartedness for you:

I fart in front of my boyfriend.

Don’t cringe. You do it, too.

Have a nice day!



A Brief Word of Thanks

On this day of reveling in what we have, I encourage you to be thankful for your loved ones.  Whether they are near, far, or departed, be thankful for the memories you have made with them and the feelings you have shared with them.  Although he’s almost 5,000 miles away, I’m no less thankful for his love than I am for the love I’ll be sharing with my family during dinner tonight.

Be happy, love each other, and give thanks.  ❤